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Aktormed Robotic technologies divisionAktormed Robotic Technologies and systems are increasingly gaining ground in the medical sector. Specifically in the field of surgical robotics, surgeons are being assisted by these systems more and more frequently. It is not a question of replacing the surgeon but of enhancing his or her skills.

AKTORmed, the German market leader in robotic assistance systems that guide endoscopes in minimally invasive surgery, boasts more than ten years of experience. In this context, our SOLOASSIST II platform sets an industrial benchmark regarding flexibility, functionality and operability. At present, we are addressing interventions in general surgery, urology and gynaecology.

AKTORmed Solutions include:

Voice control for SOLOASSIST




Paediatric Minimally Invasive SurgeryPaediatric Minimally Invasive Surgery

The SOLO ASSIST II with Voice Control is an Intelligent Robotic Assistant System for Paediatric Minimally Invasive Surgery.

"With the goal of reducing the morbidity associated with open surgery, minimally invasive surgery in children is increasingly being performed as laparoscopic and robotic patients appear to be experiencing shorter hospital stays, decreased pain medication requirements, and the potential for improved cosmesis.” - Lee D.J, Kim P.H, Koh C.J. Current Trends in Pediatric Minimally Invasive Urologic Surger

Are you at risk of suffering from Surgical Strain? Learn More.Are you at risk of suffering from Surgical Strain? 

RESEARCH SHOWS: 1 IN 5 SURGEONS ARE AFFECTED and forced into early retirement, because of Surgical Strain. The Journal of the American Medical Association - December 2017

  •     - Cervical Spine Disease 17%
  •     - Rotator Cuff Pathology 18%
  •     - Degenerative Lumbar Spine 19%
  •     - Carpal Tunnel Syndrome 9%

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Clinical specialities include (but are not limited to) ENT, Head and Neck, Skull Base Surgery and Neurosurgery. 

Prevalence of Work-Related Musculoskeletal Disorders Among SurgeonsPrevalence of Work-Related Musculoskeletal Disorders Among Surgeons

"Importance Physicians in procedural specialties are at high risk for work-related musculoskeletal disorders (MSDs). This has been called “an impending epidemic” in the context of the looming workforce shortage; however, prevalence estimates vary by study. Objectives To estimate the prevalence of work-related MSDs among at-risk physicians and to evaluate the scope of preventive efforts..." - Sherise Epstein, MPH; Emily H. Sparer, ScD; Bao N. Tran, MD; Qing Z. Ruan, MD; Jack T. Dennerlein, PhD; Dhruv Singhal, MD; Bernard T. Lee, MD, MPH, MBA

All enquires about our Aktormed Surgical Robotics Range can be forwarded through to our friendly customer care team at or call us on 1300 552 003