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SteelcoData Live: Cycle Traceability Software

SteelcoData Live – the first block of our fully integrated software suite for management and traceability – tracks and collects your devices and equipment data.

Being able to track each activity in your CSSD or endoscopy department, monitoring performance, cycles, and consumptions of your devices; or track the localization and status of your sets and instruments through each stage of reprocessing, transportation, and storage. This is of fundamental importance to progressively refine your workflow and sustain high-productivity standards, maintaining safety and efficiency. For this aim, Steelco has developed an integrated software suite that is web-based and cloud-ready, fully modular to adapt to your specific needs.

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Management & Traceability System

  • Steelco Data Live Software collects and records data from Steelco machines.
  • A user-friendly web interface shows real time machine statuses (video-wall or tablet wi-fi or workstation).
  • All the electronic stored data can be exported in different formats (.pdf, .xlsx), producing reports which can replace the paper tickets.
  • The dashboard shows a graph with the number of washes and sterilizations happened in the current week.
  • Is intuitive to use with excellent application can be remotely supported by the In Vitro Technologies Technical Service team and can be contact by calling us on 1300 932 156 or emailing us at

SteelcoData Live Cycle Traceability Software

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Contact our team for all enquiries about SteelcoData Live Software can be forwarded to our friendly customer care team at or call us on 1300 552 003