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Hupfer Range Hupfer are a highly qualified manufacturer and supplier of top-quality products for the CSD environment. Made from stainless steel, and other quality materials – the range includes stainless steel mesh baskets for washers, packing tables, case carts, sterilizers, and the operating theatre.

Hupfer develops and produces systems and products precisely tailored to each individual logistics function. This product range allows the sterile goods cycle to be configured so that an unbroken process chain is created. The vast scope of each of Hupfer‘s product lines permits customised support so as to render daily tasks more efficient, economical, ergonomic and smooth-running.

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Hupfer Case CartCase Carts STWS: Hygienic storage and transport for instruments and materials

The HUPFER slotted track system allows staff to adjust the inside space to suit the intended purpose very quickly. For example: Solid shelves or retractable wire shelves are simply hooked on.

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The New Standard: High degree of flexibility in a minimum of space

The HUPFER® KÄNGURUH-SYSTEM® is a highly efficient and performance-driven solution designed to cater to the specific needs of clinics, hospitals and sterilization establishments. The system is equipped with components that precisely match the requirements of these establishments, enabling a closed sterile goods cycle. This ensures an unbroken process chain in sterile goods logistics.

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Advantages at a glace:

  • It is an integrated system that stores, transports, and provides sterile goods.
  • There is no need to repack after cleaning, disinfection, and functional testing, which saves time.
  • The highest quality stainless steel ensures maximum hygiene and durability.
  • The product is designed with excellent ergonomics and flexible handling.
  • It optimises work efficiency and hygiene safety.
  • It can also be adapted to driverless transport systems (DTS).
  • Different transport trolleys, carts, platforms, and push-in racks are available in unique designs and many variants.
  • All process steps can be completed without hand contact with the basket or container, improving hygiene safety.
  • Känguruh Transport Cart Additional Information

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Sterile Goods BasketsSterile Goods Baskets

These are excellent products with decisive advantages.

Wire baskets for sterile goods are essential for storing and transporting sterile supplies that come in soft packaging. These baskets can be used in a shelving system, cabinet system, or in combination with wall-mounted hook rails. They are also compatible with transport carts and trolleys. Hupfer sterile goods baskets are made of high-quality, electropolished stainless steel, which makes them durable, easy to clean, and able to withstand rough usage. They are manufactured with precision and care to ensure safe handling.

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Whether stackable inside or on top of each other or for hanging on wall-mounted hook rails – our comprehensive range of sterile goods baskets has the right solution for every requirement and area of use.

  • >  Completely hygienic, protected transport
  • >  Space-saving storage
  • >  Practical provision
  • >  Edge protection for safer handling

Available Range of Baskets & Containers:

  • Stackable Baskets:
    • Sterile goods basket – stackable inside and on top of each other
  • ErgoSlide Baskets:
    • ErgoSlide® sterile goods basket – stackable with innovative slide rail
  • Top Stack Baskets:
    • Sterile goods basket – stackable on top of each other

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Hupfer Trays ImagesInstrument Trays

Hupfer instrument trays are manufactured to the highest quality standards and meet the strict safety requirements for everyday clinical practice. Because they are carefully manufactured with smooth edges and corners, they not only provide optimum protection for instruments and soft packaging, but also safety for staff and patients during handling. The sturdy design guarantees high loading capacity and outstanding durability.

Hupfer instrument trays are made of high-quality electropolished round stainless steel wire and are hygienic and easy to clean. The special shape of the base frame means the instrument tray can be safely and neatly stacked on top of each other. The internal drop handles on the short sides make them particularly easy to handle.

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  • Instrument Tray with Mesh
    • Burr-free top frame without sharp edges and corners and tips 
    • Smooth wire mesh protects the stored material
    • Tissue size for optimal cleaning and drying designed 
    • Sturdy corner struts to protect from damages
  • Stackable Instrument Tray with Stacking Frame 
    • 100% connection of the floor grid through welding of each individual wire 
    • Upper frame welded to perforated plate 
    • Reliable cleaning and drying due to optimised hole size in wall and base 
    • Floor struts for high loading capacity 
  • Instrument Trays with Perforated Sides
    • Version without base frame to reduce condensation water 
    • Wide-area weight distribution for optimal protection of the soft packaging 
    • Upper frame welded to perforated plate 
    • Ideally suited for the use of soft packaging as a sterile barrier system

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Transport SolutionsTransport Solutions

Safe and efficient sterile supply cycles are crucial for successful work in clinics, hospitals, sterilization facilities, hospitals and sterilization plants. Hupfer offers integrated transport solutions tailored to multiple, specific requirements, simple to handle, and optimised user-friendliness.

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Available Range of Hupfer Transport Solutions:

  • Känguruh System:
    • Integrated system for storage, transport and provision of sterile goods supplies
  • Transport Carts / Universal Transport Cart:
    • Container and sterile goods transport carts
  • Transport Trolleys Multi-Racks:
    • Container and sterile goods transport trolley
  • Hook System:
    • Hook trolley sets for various areas
  • Hupfer Transport Trolleys:
    • Mobile general purpose table
    • Medical general purpose trolley
    • Heavy-duty medical general purpose trolleys
    • Ergonomic general purpose trolleys
    • Enclosed general purpose trolley

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Hupfer shelving: Designed for flexibilityShelving Systems

Hupfer shelving: Designed for flexibility

Hupfer shelving is highly adaptable to spaces of varying sizes and shapes. This makes it an efficient and cost-effective storage solution, as it maximizes the available space. The basic unit of a Hupfer shelving consists of two uprights, four shelves and a cross brace. Additional uprights and shelves can be added to extend the unit. In situations where a 90° corner connection is needed, corner hooks can be used, eliminating the need for unnecessary and space-consuming uprights.

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Available Range of Shelving System Solutions:

  • Basic Shelving Units:
    • Norm 5 / 12 / 20 / 25 stationary shelving
      • Stationary shelving set norm with solid shelf, louvred shelf or wired shelf
  • Easy Rider systems:
    • The Easy Rider system is the ideal solution for when storage capacity has to be increased but space is limited.
    • Eliminates the need for redundant aisles, this system can increase the capacity of storage rooms by up to 100% compared to conventional shelving systems.
  • Mobile Shelving:
    • Transport shelving unit
  • Wall shelving:
    • Wall shelving from Hupfer offers practical storage space within easy reach so that working material is available wherever it is needed

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