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Nurse loading Miele PWD 8545 Bedpan Washer with urinalIn Vitro Technologies supplies Washer Disinfectors and Bedpan Sanitisers, which not only provide economical and efficient reprocessing solutions for healthcare and community facilities, such as hospitals, ward utilities, clinics, and day surgeries, but also ensure a significant cost reduction. Due to their compact footprint and economical and efficient operation, our washer disinfectors are the ideal solution for allied health, offering a secure financial investment.

Our medical reprocessing equipment adds value for customers by making it an ideal choice for those requiring a small-footprint machine for the safe and reproducible cleaning and disinfection of reusable medical devices.

The Miele Professional Medical equipment offers unmatched dependability -  investing in a product that provides top performance, quality, durability and sustainability. In Vitro Technologies is pleased to be an exclusive distributor of the Miele Professional Medical product range in the Australasian market, ensuring our customers can rely on our products for their critical operations.

Miele Washer-Disinfector for your Ward

The Miele PG 8582 / CD Washer-Disinfectors can clean, rinse, and thermally disinfect reusable medical devices such as those used in surgeries, hospitals, and outpatient clinics.

  • Automated process:
    • The Miele washer disinfector provides a computerised method for cleaning and disinfection (thermal or chemical) of semi-critical and non-critical RMDs to achieve reproducible results. This can mitigate the infection control risk to staff and patients by limiting manual hand cleaning and providing high-level disinfection of items.
    • The Miele medical washers’ thermal disinfection programme should be selected where high-level disinfection is required to protect staff and patients.
  • Reduced Infection Control Risks: 
    • An automated process provides validated and reproducible cleaning results, which are not possible with manual cleaning.
  • Value for Money:
    • Miele’s efficient chemical and water use, high quality, and durability translate into significant cost savings, making it a wise investment for your facility.
    • It is essential to consider the annual ongoing costs of purchasing and storing single-use items when reusable items could be utilised and reprocessed in a suitable medical washer disinfector.
  • Healthcare Sustainability:  
    • The Miele washer disinfector not only provides an efficient and economical cleaning and disinfection process for RMDs but also plays a crucial role in reducing the use of disposable items (where possible) such as bowls/kidney dishes, thereby significantly reducing the ecological impact of disposables.

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