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MATACHANA is a family-owned company with 60 years of experience, four European production sites, and operations in over 120 countries. It is a world leader in manufacturing steam sterilization equipment, low-temperature sterilization technologies, and washing and thermodisinfection equipment. The company provides comprehensive healthcare, life sciences, and pharmaceutical solutions.

The MATACHANA GROUP is involved in designing, manufacturing, commercialising, and representing international brands that offer integral solutions for hospital equipment within the sterilization centre, anatomical pathology, and special contaminated waste treatment.

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Specialists in Steam and Low Temp Sterilization

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Matachana Low Temp Sterilizers

Matachana Group has a rich history with low-temperature sterilization technology, which has developed parallel with steam sterilization processes. In 1975, ethylene oxide and peracetic acid solutions were the pioneers. Later, low-temperature steam and formaldehyde (LTSF) sterilization continued this process.

2016 Matachana introduced its first hydrogen peroxide sterilizer, the 130HPO® model. In 2019, the HPO series was expanded with the compact 50HPO® model. The same year, they revolutionised LTSF technology with a new High-Speed version.

With this, Matachana completes its range of low-temperature sterilizers and consolidates its expertise and experience in this field. It is the only manufacturer that has designed and built all the existing systems.

HPO TechSpecs

Matachana Steam Sterilizers

The MATACHANA Series S1000 Sterilizers are advanced and dependable sterilization machines designed to meet the needs of hospitals, surgical units, outpatient centres, and outsourced sterilization services. Matachanas' R&D centres in Spain and Germany conducted extensive research and development to create these sterilizers. The S1000 sterilizer is manufactured at Matachanas' state-of-the-art plant in Barcelona, Spain, which is equipped with the latest technological advancements in sustainability, energy efficiency, and process control to ensure maximum efficiency and minimal environmental impact.

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