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1 IN 5 SURGEONS ARE AFFECTED and forced into early retirement, because of Surgical Strain.

The Journal of the American
Medical Association
December 2017

Cervical Spine Disease 17%

Rotator Cuff Pathology 18%

Degenerative Lumbar Spine 19%

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome 9%

What can the ENDOFIX exo do for you?

  • Improve ergonomics in Operating Theatres
  • Improve Visual Image Quality
  • Provide shake & tremor free image
  • Free up your hands to facilitate 2 or 4 handed Operative technique
  • Reduce risk of surgical strain

The Endofix exo is an intuitive, passive support robotic arm for holding and guiding the endoscopic camera for minimally invasive intervention in ENT and Skull Base Surgery. The Endofix exo is a revolutionary new technology allowing surgeons to take back control and utilise a 2 handed operative technique.

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