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endo rangeSteelco range of Parasitic Acid AER’s offer the ability to process Three GI scopes in 30 min on HLD cycles or Sterile cycles in the complete range of AER’s.  With a Endoscopy machine to cover any departments processing requirements from single scope units up to three scope per cycle processing available.

As part of the solution for redevelopments or new installs Steelco offers a range of Pass-through or non-pass through configured machines on the smallest footprint currently available. Which allows you to utilise and maximise your department’s space.

In Vitro Technologies has a range of products to assist with the decontamination of scopes, from bedside through to your endoscope decontamination suite.  We offer a total unique solution to your endoscope reprocessing requirements, guiding you through the entire process.

steelco endo

Key Features of our Endoscopy Range


  • Fully ISO 15883 Part 1-5 to meet all current directives
  • Sterile  cycle for all critical  thermolabile endoscopes
  • Toe probe reprocessing  capability
  • Unrivalled reprocess capacity
  • EW 2 2S: up to 2 endoscopes - up to 6 video bronchoscopes per batch
  • EW 2 3S: up to 3 endoscopes - up to 9 video bronchoscopes per batch
  • Best capacity/footprint ratio

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