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ak1The Memorial Hospital Endofix exo trial. Dr Suren Krishnan is a big fan!!!

ak2Solo Assist II - Laparoscopic Approach Minimally Invasive Surgery(MIS) for Gastric Sleeve

ak3Endofix exo @Chris OBrien Lifehouse _ Sydney. Used in conjuction with the Karl Stoprz 3D Vitom. Provides rock solid image in 3D

ak4Basic Endofix set up for Trans Oral/ Laryngeal surgery 

ak5Dr Kiron Bhatia using the new Voice Control System which is compatible with the Solo Assist II - benefits complete hands free movement of the endoscope. Surgeon has both hands free to operate.

ak6Take note of the image on the monitor: the stability is a huge benefit for surgeons: Solo AssistII with Voice Control


Solo Assist in action at Warringal Hospital 

Please take note of the fine movements of the arm during this footage, the movements are very small enabling surgeons to directly target specific anatomy and move in a controlled fashion.