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With genuine Elma accessories, you can enhance the capabilities of your cleaning devices and achieve optimal cleaning results. This enables you to tackle any cleaning challenge, regardless of size or complexity.

Using the appropriate equipment and accessories is crucial for achieving flawless cleaning results. Whether you need cleaning baskets, inserts, or holders, you can find the right accessories for your Elmasonic ultrasonic cleaning device here.

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Elma Baskets

Accessory InsertBasket 120 withShelf and ClipsAn ingeniously simple solution.

When designing the new Elma Basket, we thought two steps ahead. These baskets, which we manufacture in-house, feature a punched pattern on the base and side walls. In conjunction with a set of different pins, these holes allow the objects inside to be positioned as required. For unlimited flexibility. 

Each item can be individually secured – whether bulky industrial parts, laboratory glassware, small watch components or items of jewellery. The number of objects that can be cleaned in the basket is thus maximised and optimal cleaning results are ensured thanks to perfect placement, which also saves water, cleaning chemicals, energy as well as time and money.

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  • •  Made of stainless steel (WNr. 1.4301) and with Rilsan-coated handles
  • •  A basket insert (order no. 1076005) is available for baskets 100 and 120 (Denta)
  • •  The basket 200 (order no. 1108458) also serves as a holder for sterilisation baskets
    • •  DIN 1/1 short (W/D - 485/253 mm)
    • •  DIN 3/4 (W/D - 406/253 mm)

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