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EasyVIEW® by MATACHANA is a software that helps manage sterilization and provides traceability. It is a comprehensive solution that ensures real-time monitoring and automatic documentation, which enhances traceability and simplifies data analysis for sterilization equipment. EasyVIEW® is compatible with all systems and can be accessed conveniently through a standard web browser. It is a crucial tool for traceability in any hospital where efficiency and precision are paramount.




EasyVIEW® software is designed to offer a comprehensive management of the sterilization process, allowing to obtain the process documentation of the washer-thermodisinfectors and sterilizers within the Central Supply Sterilization Department.

Enhancing, Monitoring and Refining: explore the benefits of Software EasyVIEW® for the Sterilization Management in CSSD.

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Explore how EasyVIEW® can elevate your CSSD into an excellent sterilization centre. Emphasize innovation and leadership with MATACHANA.

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Main Benefits:

  • Real-time monitoring: enables proactive and efficient management, immediately identifying equipment status and ongoing processes.
  • Automatic cycle documentation: ensures precision and compliance with regulations, simplifying auditing and quality control processes.
  • In-depth data analysis: facilitates continuous process optimization, enhancing operational efficiency and minimizing downtime.
  • Complete integration: effortless compatibility with instrument traceability software applications.
  • EasyVIEW® optimizes workflow and enhances equipment functionality, providing a safer and more efficient working environment.


  • >  Cycle documentation
  • >  Maintenance functions
  • >  Connection functions
  • >  Graph evaluation of the sterilization process
  • >  Statistics module
  • >  Display on different devices

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