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A comprehensive selection of steam sterilizers for the perfect solution from the smallest clinic to the largest central sterilization supply department, defining a new standard in quality, ergonomics, and safety. Leading-edge technologies and top-quality design result in high productivity and cost-efficiency.

Safety, Design and Strength

The sterilization chamber and the steam process piping are made of high-quality AISI 316 L stainless steel, a guarantee for long-term reliability and steam cleanliness. Easy to remove and refit CFC-free thermal insulation isolates the acid-proof stainless steel chambers and piping. With the ease of service in mind, most piping is connected using stainless steel tri-clamps, and principal components such as the vacuum pump are installed on sliding rails.


STC Sterilizer VS 6 12VS Series: Steam Sterilizers - for Centralized Sterile Reprocessing

The VS Series of high-capacity steam sterilizers for centralised sterile reprocessing, characterised by versatility, safety, and state-of-the-art technology, represent the perfect solutions from the smallest facility to the largest central sterilization supply department, with a processing capacity of 4 STU up to 18 STU per cycle. The series devices combine high productivity with cost efficiency, improving CSSD running costs.


  • Wider Configuration – 1100 mm width.
  • HMI positioned on side of the chamber.
  • Vertical sliding doors.
  • Chamber Volume
    • 910 lt / 32.14 cu ft.
  • Load Capacity
    • 12 STUs

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  • Flexible Solutions:
    • Five models with vertically sliding doors, with a chamber size of 966 liters / 34.11 cu ft. Five models with horizontal sliding doors, and a book 1538 liters / 54.31 cu ft.
  • Full Traceability:
    • Full history cycle traceability, compatible with Steelco Data Live. Ethernet Port for network communication.
  • Ergonomics:
    • Fixed or adjustable transport trolley to 12 STU capacity, also on floor loading version.
  • Process Quality Focus:
    • A series of advanced process safety and quality features, such as a direct steam injection into gaskets, jacket, and chamber; a high-efficiency heat transfer jacket system or the built-in degassing device.
  • Optimized Process Speed:
    • The two-stage liquid ring vacuum pump ensures faster processes and perfectly matches the chamber size. Vacuum pump options and Eco options also help to shorten process times.
  • 7" or 10" User-Friendly HMI:
    • A sizeable intuitive touchscreen control panel supports operators in every step of their interaction—hands-free cycle programs selection via a barcode scanner.

SteelcoData Live Cycle Traceability SoftwareBeing able to track each activity in your CSSD or endoscopy department, monitoring performance, cycles, and consumptions of your devices; or track the localization and status of your sets and instruments through each stage of reprocessing, transportation, and storage. This is of fundamental importance to progressively refine your workflow and sustain high-productivity standards, maintaining safety and efficiency. For this aim, Steelco has developed an integrated software suite that is web-based and cloud-ready, fully modular to adapt to your specific needs.

SteelcoData Live: Cycle Traceability Software

SteelcoData Live – the first block of our fully integrated software suite for management and traceability – tracks and collects your devices and equipment data.

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