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Want to minimise the risk of spreading infection to your patients?

There are up to 30 steps to manually clean and reprocess Biopsy, Air/Water, and Suction Valves properly, which make the cleaning process difficult.

International studies describe valves used for flexible endoscopes as a potential cause of possible cross contamination. The growing risk of multi-resistant organisms increases the demand for changing from reusable components to single-use disposable products.

StopCon® single-use valves provide an effective defense against infection.

Reduce the possibility of infection from contaminated scope valves with StopCon®, the new standard for single packed disposable valves.

StopCon® Biopsy Valves are suitable for Olympus, Pentax, Karl Storz & Fujinon 500 scopes.

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Benefits of StopCon® Single Use Disposable Valves

  • Cost-effective alternative to reprocessing
  • Hygienic single-use pack
  • Lot number for documentation purposes
  • Available as a complete set:
    • Biopsy/air-water/suction valve
    • Biopsy/air-water/suction valve PLUS jet channel adaptor
  • Available in individual interchangeable valves:
    • StopCon Biopsy valve
    • StopCon Air-water valve
    • StopCon Suction valve


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HYGENDA 2013 hygiene in endoscope reprocessing:

hygenda coverA study on the reprocessing of flexible endoscopes in hospitals and medical practices

Oliver Riebe, Ulrike Beilenhoff, Friedrich von Rheinbaben, Sebastian Werner

Conclusion: The results presented here of the endoscope tests (reprocessing with washer-disinfectors (WD) and validated processes) and the flushing bottles of the optics tests show that lessons were learned from the HYGEA study and improvements in everyday endoscopy facilities have been achieved. However, the consistent annual average complaint rates of about 4% as part of the quality review for colonoscopies conducted by the German Associations of Statutory Health Insurance Physicians should prompt further efforts in endoscope reprocessing.

Hyg Med 2015; 40[3]: 88 - 96

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Olympus GI StopCon Kit (suction/air-water valve/biopsy valve) (EO sterilised)

Item No: INSTEN10229       UOM: Pack of 50

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Olympus GI StopCon Kit (suction/air-water Valve/biopsy valve) including jet channel adaptor  (EO sterilised)

Item No: INSTEN10229.1     UOM: Pack of 50

 stopcon air water

Olympus GI StopCon Air-Water Valve  (EO sterilised)

Item No: INSTEN10230       UOM: Pack of 100

 stopcon suction valve1

Olympus GI StopCon Suction Valve  (EO sterilised)

Item No: INSTEN10232       UOM: Pack of 100


StopCon Biopsy Valve  (EO sterilised)

Item No: INSTEN10233       UOM: Pack of 100

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