Acidic, ecological rinse aid


deconex 41 CLEAR is used for rinsing laboratory glassware and labware in washers after the cleaning step. deconex 41 CLEAR is also used for reprocessing of medical instruments. However, this application is restricted to places where the ­quality of the water for the final rinse does not allow the use of a neutral rinse aid.


deconex 41 CLEAR neutralizes residues of alkaline solution and prevents lime deposits in the machine as well as water spots on washed items. Carefully selected surfactant compounds lend the product excellent wetting and clear rinsing properties. In particular, glassware is provided with a nice shine. Moreover, the application of deconex 41 CLEAR accelerates the drying process of washed goods.


Organic acids, surfactants

Material Compatibility

Suitable for: Laboratory glassware, ceramics, stainless steel, aluminium, synthetic material

For materials not mentioned please make your own specific compatibility tests or consult Borer Chemie AG.

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