Lubricant for instrument care


The lubricant deconex 42 KONZ is used in the last rinsing step of the surgical instrument reprocessing cycle, at a temperature of at least 50 °C.


deconex 42 KONZ is a product based on medicinal white oil and emulsifiers. With water, it is forming a homogenous emulsion. Due to its composition, the product is especially suitable for the care of instruments, before sterilization. It forms a thin protective film on instruments‘ surfaces made of stainless steel, thereby protecting them from fretting corrosion (hinges and articulations).

deconex 42 KONZ does not get resinous during sterilizing. There is no possibility for microbial grows in the very thin oil film left behind on instrument surfaces. At the next cycle, this protective film of deconex 42 KONZ will be completely rinsed off. This also means, that the lubricant should be used with each reprocessing cycle.


Medicinal white oil, emulsifiers

Information on use

To get an even thin film on stainless steel surfaces, the rinsing temperature should be at least 50 °C for the application of deconex 42 KONZ.

Further, we recommend you:

  • a proper loading of instruments in racks and machines (avoid overloading)
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  • to ensure all instruments come into contact with the lubricant during the rinsing step and
  • ƒ
  • to open all instruments with hinges and articulations

Before using deconex 42 KONZ, make sure that the dosing system of the washing machine is oil resistant. Do not treat any anaesthesia utensils with deconex 42 KONZ.

deconex 42 KONZ is not suitable for soaking baths

Material compatibility

Suitable for: Stainless steel

Not suitable for: Rubber, latex

For materials not mentioned please make your own specific compatibility tests or consult Borer Chemie AG.

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