Neutral rinsing and drying aid, biocompatible


deconex 64 NEUTRADRY is used as a rinsing and drying aid in washing machines for medical instruments and utensils. It is dosed into the final rinsing water, which usually is also used for thermal disinfection (80-93 °C).


deconex 64 NEUTRADRY

  • lowers the surface tension of water
  • ƒ
  • shortens the drying time by up to 50%
  • is biocompatible and correspondingly certified is pH-neutral
  • has a slightly lubricating effect (on joints)


Surfactants, organic acids, preservative

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Deionized water should always be used for thermal disinfection/final rinsing.

Material compatibility

The product features a broad material compatibility. However, the following has to be considered:

Accessories for anaesthetic utensils made from polysulphone (PSU) as well as from polyphenyl sulphone (PPSU) such as connectors for larynx masks, valves, adaptors and parts of instrument container covers might form production-related stress cracks in the event of contact with rinse aids. These parts must be tested first for suitability

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