Mildly alkaline 2-component cleaning system

Scope of Application

deconex® TWIN PH10 / TWIN ZYME is a highly effective, mildly alkaline 2-component cleaning system which is extremely gentle on materials, and which is used for uncompromising cleaning of all medical instruments and utensils including MiS and dental instruments, anesthetic and respiratory equipment, ward materials made of rubber, latex or plastics, and rigid and flexible endoscopes in washer-disinfectors (WD and E-WD).


deconex® TWIN PH10 / TWIN ZYME represents a unique dual cleaning concept consisting of a mildly alkaline component (deconex® TWIN PH10) and a multi-enzymatic component (deconex® TWIN ZYME), which makes it possible to use particularly effective ingredients, which would interfere with each other if combined in a single product and reduce effectiveness. In the 2-component cleaning system important components, such as enzymes and hardness bonding complexing agents, remain separated until the moment when they are diluted and introduced into the washer disinfector. This increases the stability of the various components and also enables them to work in synergy.

As a result the 2-component cleaning system, deconex® TWIN PH10 / TWIN ZYME, is superior to every traditional mild alkaline detergent both in terms of material compatibility and cleaning performance. It is highly efficient at removing blood, residual tissue, proteins, fats, carbohydrates, mucous, biofilm, stool and other contaminants from medical instruments made from metal, plastic and glass, including various complex instruments, and rigid and flexible endoscopes and dental instruments.

When using DI or RO water, the deconex® TWIN PH10 / TWIN ZYME system has a pH value > 10 in the washing solution, which means that it is in accordance with the vCJD recommendations from RKI and BfArM for «automated (validated) cleaning / disinfection in an automated decontamination machine in an alkaline environment (pH > 10) with a 10-minute cleaning time and an elevated process temperature that does not fix proteins».

deconex® TWIN PH10 / TWIN ZYME contains no EDTA or NTA and it is also free of allergenic additives such as scent and colourants. deconex® TWIN PH10 / TWIN ZYME is low-foaming and offers good rinsability.

Special features of deconex® TWIN PH10 / TWIN ZYME:

  • excellent cleaning performance
  • low dosage
  • high material compatibility
  • effective against biofilm
  • pH > 10
  • does not require neutralisation
  • versatile
  • low-foaming
  • no discolouration
  • good rinsability
  • EDTA-free
  • NTA-free
  • free of scent
  • free of colourants
  • biodegradable

Recommended Process

The recommended dosing temperature for washer-disinfectors is 30 °C for deconex® TWIN PH10 and 40 °C for deconex® TWIN ZYME. The optimal cleaning time at a cleaning temperature of 55 °C is 10 min.

P: 1300 552 003