High alkaline detergent

Scope of application

deconex® 28 ALKA ONE-x has been specially developed for the demanding alkaline reprocessing of medical devices such as surgical instruments, anesthetic and breathing equipment, ward instruments and utensils, MiS instruments, feeding bottles and operating theatre footwear in accordance with RKI recommendations.


deconex® 28 ALKA ONE-x is a high alkaline detergent, which brings together outstanding cleaning performance, broad material compatibility, exceptional complexing properties and anticorrosion properties. This means that deconex® 28 ALKA ONE-x is able to remove many different types of soil quickly, effectively and safely, including proteins, fats, carbohydrates and other organic components, such as blood, bone, mucus, stool etc. deconex® 28 ALKA ONE-x is also able to effectively prevent mineral deposits and discolourations, such as silicate deposits on instruments and machines.

deconex® 28 ALKA ONE-x contains no strongly corrosive materials such as caustic alkalis (e.g. KOH or NaOH), so no subsequent neutralisation step is required.

deconex® 28 ALKA ONE-x does not contain any materials that could be harmful to the environment or to health either, such as EDTA or NTA, nor any potentially allergenic components, such as scents or colourants.

deconex® 28 ALKA ONE-x is also totally non-foaming and offers outstanding stability and rinsability

Recommended process

As a high alkaline detergent, deconex® 28 ALKA ONE-x is ideal for use at a cleaning temperature of 70-90 °C. The higher the cleaning temperature, the better the cleaning performance. The cleaning duration is 5-10 min depending on the type of soil, level of soil, the quality of the water used and the dosage.

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