deconex 36 INTENSIV-x is used for the thorough and gentle cleaning of all washable surfaces, objects and instruments.

deconex 36 INTENSIV-x is also suitable for soaking instruments for longer periods waiting for automated reprocessing (overnight, weekend). Corrosion or drying out of organic material can thereby be avoided. Rinse instruments with water before loading the machine

A special application of deconex 36 INTENSIV-x is for cleaning surfaces and instruments made of plastic or rubber materials (flexible endoscopes, anaesthetic equipment), before changing the disinfectant (aldehyde-containing → amine-containing or vice versa).

deconex 36 INTENSIV-x is also suitable for use in ultrasonic baths.


Due to its optimum blend of surfactants, deconex 36 INTENSIV-x has an inherent high cleaning power especially for organic material.

deconex 36 INTENSIV-x is pH-neutral and therefore exhibits a wide spectrum of material compatibility.

In its special application, before a change of the disinfectant, deconex 36 INTENSIV-x removes residues of disinfectant from plastics and rubber, thereby preventing the occurrence of surface phenomena such as colour changes, which result from the chemical reaction of aldehydes with amines.

deconex 36 INTENSIV-x is based on a NTA- and phosphatefree formula. All the ingredients in the product are easily biodegradable.


Surfactants, complexing agents, corrosion inhibitors

Material compatibility

Suitable for: PVC, linoleum, rubber, plastic materials, stainless steel, aluminium, anodized aluminium, non-ferrous metals, ceramics

For materials not mentioned please make your own specific compatibility tests or consult Borer Chemie AG.

Available in various sizes:
BOR52000000K05W (5L),
BOR52000000K10W (10L),
BOR52000000K25W (25L),
BOR52000000B220 (220L)

P: 1300 552 003