Surgical instrument lubricant

Scope of Application

deconex® LUBE SPRAY is a high-quality instrument lubricant in spray form, that is used for manual maintenance of surgical instruments, particularly for instruments with joints, moving parts, threads and seals, such as clamps, forceps, scissors, punches, needle holders, wound retractors, ligatures etc., as well as hinges and handpieces, It should be applied after careful cleaning and disinfection and before sterilisation. This high quality maintenance oil is used for targeted maintenance of surgical instruments if no instrument maintenance was carried out during automated reprocessing, with deconex® 42 KONZ for example, the automated maintenance is insufficient or if additional maintenance is required for instruments with moving parts.


deconex® LUBE SPRAY is based exclusively on top quality medicinal paraffin oil, and it is free of all types of potentially allergenic additives. The fine film of deconex® LUBE SPRAY on treated surface prevents abrasion of metal on metal and protects jointed instruments effectively against fretting corrosion, rust formation, tarnishing, stain formation and premature instrument wear. This high-quality maintenance oil demonstrably allows sterilisation with steam, it is vapor-permeable and nontoxic. deconex® LUBE SPRAY is silicon and CFC-free.

Special features of deconex® LUBE SPRAY:

  • outstanding lubrication properties
  • protects against fretting corrosion
  • pH neutral
  • high material compatibility
  • can be sterilised by steam
  • vapor-permeable
  • biocompatible (Pharm.Eur.)
  • surfactant-free
  • silicon-free
  • CFC-free
  • free of potentially allergenic substances


For proper instrument care, the instruments should be allowed to cool to room temperature after careful cleaning and disinfection, as otherwise there is a risk of metal abrasion when the parts are moved. For proper care of jointed instruments, the joints, hinges and moving parts in particular should be sprayed with deconex® LUBE SPRAY in a brief and targeted way, from the shortest possible distance, using the long spray attachment provided. The special spray valve with long attachment delivers a fine, uniform protective film and reduces aerosol formation. Keep the spray can as vertical as possible during spraying. A thin film of paraffin is entirely adequate for instrument care. When the joints and moving parts are moved later, this also helps with even distribution of the lubricant. When spraying screen trays etc. the long attachment is recommended to increase the spraying distance appropriately.

P: 1300 552 003