Scope of application

deconex® FOAM ACTIVE is a ready-to-use mildly alkaline enzymatic cleaning foam based on a special combination of enzymes and surfactants for keeping surgical instruments moist and to protect them against corrosion during transportation from the operating theatre to the CSSD.

Bottle with spray nozzle - 500 mL


Based on its special composition and formulation, deconex® FOAM ACTIVE efficiently keeps the instruments moist and so prevents drying of surgical soil. Importantly, deconex® FOAM ACTIVE protects treated instruments against corrosion until reprocessing in CSSD. Moreover deconex® FOAM ACTIVE is designed in such a way to build a stable foam, which is easy to rinse off, facilitating further reprocessing in CSSD. deconex® FOAM ACTIVE aids removal of a wide range of organic contaminants such as blood, tissue residue and mucous from medical instruments made of different materials. deconex® FOAM ACTIVE is safe and sustainable as is free from EDTA and NTA.

Additionally deconex® FOAM ACTIVE has various other properties:

  • prevents drying of surgical soil
  • protects against corrosion
  • good rinsibility already at RT
  • stable foam
  • good compatibility to different materials


deconex® FOAM ACTIVE is used for spraying directly onto surgical instruments in operating theatres immediately after use. deconex® FOAM ACTIVE should be sprayed in such a way to ensure complete coverage and wetting of instruments as so to achieve optimal efficacy.

P: 1300 552 003