Steelco EW 2 is developed for the treatment of all types and brands of flexible. The machine has been developed and certified to fully comply with the ISO 15883-1 and ISO 15883-4 directives and it incorporates all the latest innovative technologies.

Steelco EW 2 can run the washing and high-level disinfection cycle at low temperature of 2 flexible endoscopes simultaneously. For video bronchoscopes and fibrobronchoscopes the capacity can be even increased up to eight instruments per batch.

It also allows the process of thermal disinfection for instruments such as rigid scopes with a specific wash cart. It can be supplied in a pass-through interlocked double door version, or single door with overturning wing at an ergonomic height.

Complete cleaning and disinfection cycle time of 2 flexible endoscopes in 30 minutes. EW 2 performs sterile air channel purging before every single cycle phase.

Steelco has implemented on the EW 2 AER the identification of the process chemicals together with the registration of the lot number and expiration date. An important safety application that keeps the process monitored and documented also in this often neglected aspect.

Dimensions WxDxH:
860mm x 710mm x 1640mm (1940mm with warm air drying option)
33.86" x 27.95" x 64.57" (76.38" with warm air drying option)

  • User and instrument recognition through bar code reading system or RIFD (Radio Frequency Identification).
  • Leak test at the beginning of the cycle and continuous monitoring during all cycle phases with automatic cycle stop in case of anomaly.
  • Dedicated individual pumps, pressure and flow control for each endoscope channel.
  • Individual pressure and flow channel control system with data logging during the whole cycle.
  • Self thermal disinfection cycle at 90C as required from the UNI EN ISO 15883- 4 rule including endoscope basket and connections.
  • The use of Steelco chemicals for cleaning and disinfection guarantees highest microbiological efficiency and documented results in the instruments biofilm removal
  • Integrated sterile air filter for channel leak test, purging and drying.
  • Data logging of all program data and instrument parameters, graphically visualized as a curve.
  • Complete documentation on integrated printer or to PC/hospital server with SteelcoData software.
  • Large color LCD touch screen display for easy machine operation and endoscope/operator database management.

Not available for sales USA market.

P: 1300 552 003