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Miele PG 8582 CD with A 103 and A 202 loading underbench setupIn Vitro Technologies is pleased to be an exclusive distributor of the Miele Professional Medical product range in the Australasian market. The Miele Washer Disinfectors and Bedpan Sanitisers provide economical and efficient reprocessing solutions for healthcare and aged care facilities; such as hospitals, clinics, day surgeries, nursing homes and general practices. Please see our Miele resources for more information.

Our Miele medical reprocessing equipment adds value for customers requiring a small footprint machine for the safe and reproducible cleaning and disinfection of reusable medical devices. Miele Washer Disinfectors are the ideal solution for allied health due to their compact footprint and economical and efficient operation. Miele Professional Medical equipment offers dependability -  investing in a product that provides top performance, quality, durability and sustainability.

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Miele Professional Medical: Washer Disinfector Efficiency Trailer

Miele Professional Medical: Washer Disinfector Safety Trailer

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The Miele PG 8562, PG 8582 and PG 8582 CD washer disinfectors can clean, rinse and thermally disinfect reusable medical devices such as those use in surgeries, hospitals and outpatient clinics. 

PWD 8545 Ward with User

NEW: Miele PWD 85 Bedpan Washers/Pan Sanitisers – the perfect solution for all needs.

In Vitro Technologies is excited to welcome the addition of Miele Bedpan Washers to our Miele Professional Medical product range. We have two high capacity yet compact, small footprint models available – with the flexibility to select between a free-standing or underbench design to suit varying facility requirements and needs.

Miele PWD 8545 Bedpan Washer (Automatic/Manual)

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Contact our team for all enquiries about our Miele Medical Range can be forwarded to our friendly
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